Signature of a bilateral agreement

Bilateral agreements provide financial support for teaching and research activities with universities all over the world. There are two types:

  • General agreements, which cover all of UNIL
  • Faculty agreements, which are limited to a particular faculty

Once the agreement has been signed, and subject to the funds available, the International Relations Office provides financial support for teaching staff exchanges, while SASME deals with student exchanges.

Possible activities
  • Maximum two weeks’ stay for a member of UNIL teaching staff in the partner university
  • Maximum one week’s stay at UNIL for a colleague from the partner university
  • Student and PhD student exchanges for one or two semesters.
Conditions for the signature of a new agreement
  • Existing collaboration with long-term prospects
  • Planned joint activities
  • Possibility of both inward and outward student exchanges if student exchange is foreseen
  • Promotion of exchange opportunities among students and colleagues
  1. Inform the International Relations Office when a new agreement is being planned (see contacts opposite)
  2. The International Relations Office will ask your faculty for approval by contacting the Head of mobility (the member of teaching staff responsible for international exchanges) and the mobility coordinator (the study advisor in charge of student mobility) if the agreement includes student exchanges.
  3. If the faculty supports the project, the International Relations Office will draft the agreement and have it signed.
Financial support for UNIL teaching staff


The following members of the UNIL teaching staff can benefit from financial support from the International Relations Office:

  • Professors (as defined in art. 52 al. 1 let. a of the Law on the University of Lausanne, i.e. full professors, associate professors, and assistant professors);
  • Senior lecturers type 1 and 2 (maîtres d'enseignement et de recherche de type 1 et de type 2).

Conditions for financial support

  • Maximum three trips per year for a general agreement (one per faculty) and one trip per year for a faculty agreement
  • Trips that take place during academic sabbaticals cannot be covered.

Financial support

  • Reimbursement of 2nd class train ticket from Lausanne (1st class ticket for Full, Associate and Assistant Professors and for senior lecturers type 1 and 2). For travel durations of more than 5 hours, all employees can take 1st class tickets.
  • Reimbursement of air travel (economy class) and train ticket from Lausanne to the airport.
  • Allowance for actual meals (CHF 28 per main meal and CHF 14 for breakfast, if not included with overnight accommodation) for a maximum of 14 days.
  • Travel insurance.

The directive 0.8 regarding professional travel specifies the conditions to be met for the reimbursment of travel costs, esp. plane tickets. It is recommended to read this document carefuly before planning a professional trip.

Financial support for invited teaching staff

Conditions for financial support

  • Maximum three trips per year for a general agreement (one per faculty) and one trip per year for a faculty agreement

Financial support

  • Reimbursement of the hotel costs up to CHF 180 per night (breakfast included) for a maximum of seven nights;
  • Reimbursement of the flight (economy class) for teaching staff coming from a university located in a country eligible to receive official development assistance from OECD, in the categories Least Developed Countries, Other Low Income Countries, and Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories (list valid at the time when the trip is announced to the International Relations Office).
Financial support for students

SASME offers grants to UNIL students taking part in an exchange for one or two semesters.



Outside Europe

Bachelor’s and Master’s students

1,600 per semester

2,500 per semester

PhD students

2,500 per semester

4,500 per semester

UNIL also offers a travel insurance.

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