International relations at UNIL



Strategic aspect

The International Relations Office is responsible for implementing UNIL’s international strategy. Each faculty appoints a Head of mobility, who represents the International Relations Office in their Faculty.

Management of exchanges

Faculties appoint mobility advisers, who are responsible for informing students about the academic aspects of exchanges, in particular.

The Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office (SASME) advises students about the practical aspects of exchanges and manages them in administrative terms.

A “mobility lunch” is held once or twice a year, to give faculty mobility advisers, the International Relations Office, SASME and the Heads of mobility the opportunity to share information, if they wish to attend.

An annual meeting is also scheduled with teaching staff.

International strategy

UNIL has defined five main objectives for its internationalisation strategy

  • Enhance its expertise in research and teaching through collaboration with foreign partners.
  • Enhance UNIL’s international reputation to attract talented individuals at every level.
  • Facilitate UNIL students’ access to study programmes in foreign universities and increase recognition of its qualifications outside Switzerland.
  • Develop its students’ international skills.
  • Play an active role in international developments in teaching and research.

Erasmus programme and Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Switzerland plays a limited role in the Erasmus+ programme as a “Partner Country” as opposed to a “Programme Country” (see Erasmus+ activities available in Switzerland).

Switzerland has set up a parallel programme, called the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). The programme offers conditions similar to Erasmus+ for exchanges aimed at students, interns, teachers and administrative and technical staff.

The Swiss National Agency Movetia provides the link between the European Union and Swiss universities.

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Dr Denis Dafflon, Director
International Relations Office
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