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Mobility grants

Except in a few rare cases, any period spent abroad under a university exchange agreement entitles you to the payment of a mobility grant, the amount of which is shown in the agreement information sheet, which you will find in the exchange agreements database. There are no particular formalities to complete to request a mobility grant; if you are selected for a university exchange, you are automatically entitled to the grant provided for the destination concerned.

However, for some destinations, no grant is paid; instead, the host university covers the costs of meals and accommodation.

Once you have been selected and your name put forward to the host university, SASME will contact you in good time to sort out the practical arrangements for the payment of your grant.

Additional grant for students in financial difficulty

If your financial situation makes it difficult or impossible for you to consider studying abroad, don’t panic! SASME can offer additional funding for students in financial difficulty, on top of the standard mobility grant.

To apply for financial assistance, you should contact SASME and complete the financial assistance application form on its website and attach the information requested. If your application is accepted, the amount you are awarded will be paid at the same time as your mobility grant.

Course enrolment fees

When you take part in a university exchange for one or two semesters, you are classed as an exchange student, which means you are entitled to a reduction in course enrolment fees. You will therefore pay UNIL only CHF 180 per semester instead of CHF 580. In addition, studying in your host university under the agreement signed with UNIL exempts you from paying enrolment fees at the host university. It can therefore be very advantageous to study abroad in these circumstances.


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