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Génopode Batochime Cubotron Amphimax Biophore Unithèque Unicentre Château de Dorigny Ferme de Dorigny Grange de Dorigny Annexe de la Mouline Ferme de la Mouline Geopolis Institut des hautes études en administration publique Vortex Villa des Sports Centre sport et santé Salle omnisport 1 Salle omnisport 2 Centre nautique Vestiaires extérieurs Institut suisse de droit comparé Synathlon Vieux pressoir Bibliothèque Edouard Fleuret Internef Extranef Anthropole Amphipôle

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So that users can orient themselves more easily on the main site of the University of Lausanne, the latter has been divided into five areas. Signposting for pedestrians provides rapid confirmation of location thanks to walls situated at the entrance to and within each area.

Quartiers of UNIL-Dorgigny



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Quartier UNIL-Centre Longitude East Latitude Nord
Institut suisse de droit comparé 6.582739554 46.52178357
Synathlon 6.582674 46.521318
Unicentre 6.581188848 46.5224515
Unithèque 6.579579307 46.5227492


Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne Longitude East Latitude Nord
Anthropole 6.584301426 46.52366542
Bibliothèque Edouard Fleuret 6.583514236 46.52266338
Château de Dorigny 6.582162617 46.52335008
Ferme de Dorigny 6.582367547 46.52398505
Grange de Dorigny 6.581905396 46.52413285
Internef 6.584136041 46.52231106
Extranef 6.585305644 46.52217409
Vieux pressoir 6.582451908 46.52225665


Quartier UNIL-Lac Longitude East Latitude Nord
Centre nautique 6.583476863 46.51860317
Salle omnisport 1 6.579172972 46.51887831
Salle omnisport 2 6.57873722 46.51939241
Centre sport et santé 6.579646 46.518796
Villa des sports 6.577087699 46.51906602
Vestiaires extérieurs 6.584624859 46.51933961


Quartier UNIL-Mouline Longitude East Latitude Nord
Annexe de la Mouline 6.580578 46.526030
Ferme de la Mouline 6.580927581 46.52570832
Geopolis 6.579237 46.526556
Institut des hautes études en administration publique 6.577798 46.526350
Vortex 6.5748433 46.5241256


Quartier UNIL-Sorge Longitude Est Latitude Nord
Amphimax 6.574215492 46.52136915
Amphipôle 6.575478378 46.52175112
Batochime 6.572472808 46.51963935
Biophore 6.576907989 46.52086743
Cubotron 6.572547215 46.52122186
Génopode 6.573984009 46.51957028


How to get there

To reach the Dorigny campus, the CFF and REV users can from the Lausanne railway statuib use the m2 metro and then the m1 metro, or from the Renens railway station take the m1 metro or the bus 31.

By train

From Lausanne railway station
> Metro m2 going to "Croisettes", change at the station "Lausanne-Flon"
> Then the metro m1 going to "Renens CFF"
> Get off at "UNIL-Chamberonne", "UNIL-Mouline" or "UNIL-Sorge"

By Lakeside
> Metro m2 going to "Ouchy-Olympique"
> Then take bus 24, going to "Bourdonette"
> Get off at "Sports UNIL-EPFL"

> Taxi

From Renens railway station
> Metro m1 going to "Lausanne Flon"
> Get off at "UNIL-Sorge", "UNIL-Mouline" or "UNIL-Chamberonne"
> Bus 31 going to "Venoges sud"
> Get off at "UNIL-Mouline" or "UNIL-Sorge"

Metros m1 and m2
Buses and metros of the "Transports Lausannois" (tl)
Trains CFF

By car

> Direction "Lausanne-Sud"
> Leave at "UNIL-EPFL"
> Follow "UNIL"
> UNIL-(name of quarter), ex: UNIL-centre
> Parking-(name of quarter), ex: Parking-centre