Dual Career Couples


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Dual Career Couples

Your partner has just signed a contract with the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and you wish to find a professional activity as well, academic or not. Welcome to both of you.
The challenges that mobile dual career couples face are many times great. Combining work, partnership and family is not easy and might be even harder if you start from zero in a new country. This website gives an overview of the support that we offer at UNIL, but also some useful information related to finding a job.

Do not hesitate to browse the other pages of this website for useful information about practical matters related to your move to Switzerland. Also, the page "Coming with your family" provides some information about getting involved in local life to ease your transition.

The contact person at UNIL for Dual Career Couples is Marcelina Klaus Gaillard, Welcome Centre Coordinator. Do not hesitate to contact Ms Klaus Gaillard for an initial meeting.


DCC network

The University of Lausanne is a member of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). The IDCN is a local and informal network formed to facilitate job search and career information sharing amongst the partners of its expatriate employees searching for a job in the region. As a partner to a UNIL employee you are welcome to participate in the events and activities organized by IDCN. Contact Marcelina Klaus Gaillard to sign-up for the activities.

For information about other networks in the area see under Coming with your family.

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Corporate event at UNIL

We are happy to announce you that our Welcome Centre togehter with IDCN organise a Corporate Event on Campus. 



How can stand out from the crowd? Does charisma matter in the work environment? Join the event at UNIL and explore insights from Prof. John Antonakis about what charisma is and does it really matter? 

You will find the program here below. However, please note that the registration are closed now and event is fully booked.  

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DCC website

The initiative Carrière2 started in 2008. This DCC website (in French) is the result of a close collaboration between universities in the Swiss Latin part of Switzerland. The goal with this website is to provide help to Dual Career Couples in finding a job as well as combining work and private/family life in the most satisfying way possible. It is also a way for local Swiss universities to collaborate closely and join efforts to assist DCCs.


Finding a job

General information and non-academic job search

If you are looking for a job in Switzerland for the first time, it might be worth finding out more about how to apply for a job on the Swiss market. Here is a useful brochure and some specifications about the procedure. If you speak French this blog is very helpful. This career website in English might also be informative. Here is a book about how to search for a job in Switzerland. Also, getting busy in Switzerland website (in English).

Academic job search

A lot of useful information and links about finding an academic job are available on the Carrière2 website here (in French). You can also find a list of academic positions on the Euraxess website. Here you will find the open job positions at UNIL.

Career coaching

If your partner has been hired as a professor and you are relocating from abroad, you might be eligible for individualized career coaching financed by UNIL. Contact the HR department to find out more about this service offered to partners through an external company.

If you are not covered by this service through your partner at UNIL, you can, of course, still contact this company and pay for their services. There are other companies like this one here and here.



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